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Asset discovery

Asset discovery enables you to gather a list of all available devices for on a network. You perform an asset discovery when you have a new network or customer to monitor, or to find any new devices at a customer site. Asset discovery also collects information on the properties of a device such as CPU information, disk data, or network adapter data to monitor.

To perform an asset discovery, create a discovery job to scan the customer network and then import devices located into MSP N-central.

Asset discovery is carried out automatically for devices with Windows Agents during the installation or upgrade of MSP N-central without any discovery jobs being added or initiated.

A discovery job can be in one of the following states:

  • Pending: The job has not yet been retrieved by the probe. The discovery job may be modified in this state.
  • In Progress: The job has been retrieved by the probe but has not been completed. You cannot edit the discovery job in this state.
  • Completed: The probe successfully retrieved and completed the discovery job.
  • Failed: The probe successfully retrieved the discovery job but could not complete it. A possible reason may be that invalid data was provided.
  • Expired: The job reached its expiration date and time before it was completed. The default expiration is 24 hours from when the discovery job was added.

To run an asset discovery job, you need to deploy a probe in the customer environment.

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