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Accepting a mobile device invitation

To manage mobile devices, users must accept an invitation to connect to MSP N-central. Mobile devices cannot be added manually to MSP N-central or discovered by Agents or Probes. Inviting a mobile device to be added to MSP N-central enables you to manage a customer's smartphones or tablets. After sending an invitation, the mobile device user can accept the invitation.

For more information, see Inviting mobile devices to be managed by N-central.

Users of mobile devices will receive invitation messages from the MSP N-central server that contains text similar to: "You have been invited to add your mobile devices to the <xxx> network. Please click on the link to accept the invitation."

Depending on the device operating system, the steps to accept an invitation is different depending on the device operating system. Use the procedure in one of the links below to send to your mobile device user to connect to MSP N-central.

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