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Accepting a mobile device invitation from an Android device

Android mobile device users must accept an invitation to be managed by MSP N-central. When an invitation to manage an Android mobile device is sent by MSP N-central, users receive an invitation message from the MSP N-central server that contains text similar to: "You have been invited to add your mobile devices to the <xxx> network. Please click on the link to accept the invitation."

Send the steps below to your iOS mobile device user to connect the device to MSP N-central.

  1. Click the hyperlink provided in the invitation message.
  2. In the browser window, click Step 1: Download and install the Android Agent link.
  3. In the Google Play screen, click MSP N-central MDM Agent.
  4. Click Install.
  5. In the App permissions screen, click Accept.
  6. In the Remote Management screen, click Install.
  7. When prompted to install a Remote Management Profile, click OK.
  8. When prompted to activate the device administrator to allow the device to perform the necessary actions for MDM, click Activate.

When the device enrollment process has completed, your Android device can now be managed by MSP N-central.