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Add a scheduled task to push third party software

Create a scheduled task to install third-party software onto devices. When you need to install new software on multiple devices, configure a scheduled task to perform the install at a specified time to selected devices. MSP N-central can install software using InstallShield, MSI or Wise installers located in the MSP N-central repository, network share or your local system.

Add this task at the SO or customer level.

File names for installers or scripts cannot contain spaces.

You can add the same software multiple times. Every time you add software for distribution, it will be saved as a different task.

MSP N-central does not verify if the files to be installed are harmful to the target devices. Test any third party software before associating them with a scheduled task.

  1. Click ConfigurationScheduled TasksAdd/Delete.
  2. Click Add > Push Third Party Software and enter a Task Name.
  3. In the Details tab, select the Credentials used to push third party software.
  4. In the Software to Deploy section, select the Location of the install files are stored and the information needed for MSP N-central to locate the file and begin the installation.
  5. Command line parameters for MSI installers must be in the format of: <filename> </i or /u> </additional parameters>. For example, MyInstaller.msi /i /qn. The following examples are invalid: MyInstaller.msi /qn or /i MyInstaller.msi /qn.

  6. Click the Targets tab and select by filter and/or individually, the devices that will receive the software update.
  7. Click the Schedule tab to set a time when the install will take place.
  8. Click the Notifications tab to send a message to specific technicians or users whether the install succeeded or failed.
  9. Click Save.

The task appears in the Scheduled Tasks screen indicating its type and status. At the scheduled time, the installation of the software will begin.