> Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Adding Last Recovery Point Export Tasks

Add a last recovery point export scheduled task

Create a scheduled task to export the Last Recovery Point of a Backup Manager backup to designated locations.

Add this task at the SO or customer level.

  1. Click ConfigurationScheduled TasksAdd/Delete.
  2. Click Add > Last Recovery Point Export and enter a Task Name.
  3. In the Details tab, select the Credentials used to export the backup.
  4. In the Export Last Recovery Point Configuration section, select the locations where the export location and destination.
  5. For more information on Backup Manager Recovery Points, see Backup Manager Profiles.

  6. Click the Targets tab and select by filter and/or individually, the devices that will receive the recovery point export.
  7. Click the Schedule tab to set a time when the export will take place.
  8. Click the Notifications tab to send a message to specific technicians or users whether the export succeeded or failed.
  9. Click Save.

The task appears in the Scheduled Tasks screen indicating its type and status. At the scheduled time, the export and copy of the recovery point will begin.