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Scheduled task limitations

If the MSP N-central server is in different a time zone than the devices that it is managing, scheduled tasks run according to the time zone of the target devices.

Scripting and push third party software tasks

  • MSP N-central does not verify syntax and command line parameters of scripts or MSI/EXE installers to ensure that they are correct. You must validate scripts and MSI/EXE installers before using them in scheduled tasks to ensure that they will function properly.

    Command line parameters for MSI installers must be in the format of: <filename> </i or /u> </additional parameters>. For example, MyInstaller.msi /i /qn. The following examples are invalid: MyInstaller.msi /qn or /i MyInstaller.msi /qn.

  • If the installation of software or the execution of a script requires user input, it must be specified in the Command Line Parameters field when the task is created.
  • If restarting your computer is required after the installation of software, you must do this manually or specify it in a script.
  • MSP N-central provides a combined total of 500 MB of storage for the script and software repositories.

Intel® vPro™ tasks

Intel® vPro™ Power Control tasks and Intel® vPro™ System Defence tasks will only function on Intel® vPro™-enabled devices.