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Install a Mac agent

Before you can use MSP N-central to monitor and manage computers at a customer's site, you need to install the agent. The Mac agent monitors local services and reports any issues.

For Windows and MacOS clients there are customer-specific installers. There are also generic system installers.

The customer-specific installers come pre-configured with the information needed to automatically create a device. Activation keys, customer names, or the IP address of your MSP N-central server are not required. As the customer-specific installers are very easy to use, we recommend that you make them your first choice when downloading the agent or probe software.

Generic system installers are available for all types of supported agents and probes. These require you to specify either the activation key, or the IP address of your MSP N-central server and a customer name or customer ID. These installers are useful when you want to keep a copy of a certain version of the agent or probe offline.

You need a universal administrative account on every OS X device to facilitate agent installation. It is recommended that you create at minimum one account for your workstations and a separate account for servers.

The MacOS agent supports the following operating systems:

  • 10.12 (Sierra)
  • 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • 10.9 (Mavericks)

You need a device's Agent activation key to install the agent software. Activation keys are located on the All Devices view. To copy the Agent activation key, hover your mouse over the key icon and copy.

  1. Click ActionsDownload Agent/Probe.
  2. For the specific customer in the Mac OS Agent column, click Download Mac OS Agent.

  3. The Agent filename is agent-macosx.tar.gz prefixed with the number for the customer/site, for example: 
    99agent-macosx.tar.gz. If you download from the System level, the Agent filename is simply agent-macosx.tar.gz.

  4. Navigate to the file location and run the installer.

    If you are installing the Agent from the customer/site level, the installation proceeds. At the System level, you must enter either the activation key or customer name and ID, also known as an Access Code, which can be found by clicking Administration > Customer/Sites.

The agent software installs and communicates with the MSP N-central server.