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Deploy N-central agents through Kaseya

This procedure describes the process for migrating remote networks from Kaseya to N-central, using the KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe tool. This is deployed through Kaseya, and when executed on a Windows device will stop the Kaseya Security Service, download and install an N-central Windows agent and finally uninstall the Kaseya agent.

This tool is subject to environmental variables and should be tested before mass deployment. Sometimes security software, security settings and/or network firewall settings may prevent successful deployment, and remote access may be required to recover orphaned devices.


Make sure you have created the customers for whom you want to migrate remote networks (see Add a new customer) or imported them from Kaseya (see Duplicate customer lists from Kaseya. It is best practice to give the customers exactly the same name in N-central as in Kaseya to allow integration with certain PSAs.

You will need to have the Access Codes for these customers. These can be found in N-central from the SO level by going to Administration > Customer/Sites.

Download and unzip KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe from the N-able Resource Center at:


Create the Kaseya agent

Sign-in to Kaseya, and select Agent Procedures from the left menu.

Below Installer Wizards, click Application Deploy.

Ensure the Send the installer from the KServer... option is selected, and click the here link at the end of the option to upload KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe.

In the pop-up window, click Private files, then click Upload a file.

In the new pop-up window, click KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe , then click Open.

Close this pop-up window, and click Next.

From the Select the install package to send to the remote machine drop-down menu, select (Priv) KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe.

From the What kind of installer is this? drop-down menu, select Other.

In the Specify command line box, enter your N-central Server URL and Customer Access Code in the following format:

severuri:your-Ncentral-server-url customerid:customer-access-code

For example: serveruri:ashbury.n-able.com customerid:109

Choose Next.

Label the Agent Procedure:

<CUST_NAME> KaseyaMigrationandRemoval

where <CUST_NAME> is the customer name associated with the Customer Access Code specified above.

Do not choose to reboot the machine after installing the application.

Click Create.

Recommended Kaseya agent procedure modifications

It is best practice to eliminating the use of environment variables, as described below. This has been found to yield higher migration successes.

In Private > My Procedures, double-click <CUST_NAME> KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.

A new pop-up window is displayed. Select the second step, Write file....

Under Setup Options in the right pane, enter c:\KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe in the Enter the full path and filename box, and click Save.

Select the third step, Execute #agentDrv#temp .....

Enter c:\KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe in the Enter the full path and filename: field.

Click Save and Close.

Deploy KaseyaMigrationandRemoval agent procedure

You should deploy the KaseyaMigrationandRemoval Agent Procedure to a single device within a remote environment to verify:

  • The Kaseya Agent associated to the device goes offline
  • The device is created within N-central

If satisfied with testing, you may proceed with executing the KaseyaMigrationandRemoval agent procedure to multiple devices. Keep in mind all devices will be registering with the Customer/Site represent by the Customer Access Code specified when creating the agent.

In Private > My Procedures, double click <CUST_NAME>KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.

If required, you can modify the current view to list specific devices you want to migrate from Kaseya to N-central.

Select the check box before the device(s) to which you want to deploy the KaseyaMigrationandRemoval Agent Procedure and click Run Now.

Click Run Now.

The status of devices that have deployed the KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.exe application will change from green to gray within Kaseya, and those same devices will begin to populate the All Devices view of your N-central server.

Next customer Kaseya agent procedure

When you have migrated all the devices for one customer, you can proceed to the next as follows:

In Private > My Procedures, select (do not double click) <CUST_Name>KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.

Click Rename Procedure.

Type the name of the name customer: <NEXT_CUST_NAME>KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.

Click Save.

In Private > My Procedures, double-click <NEXT_CUST_NAME>KaseyaMigrationandRemoval.

Select third step, Execute C:\KaseyaMigrationand .....

in the Enter arguments to pass to the executable box, update the customerid to reflect the next customer's Access Code. For example, in the screenshot below it has been changed to "472".

Click Save and Close.

You can then deploy the agent procedure to this and subsequent customers, in the same way as described in Deploy KaseyaMigrationandRemoval agent procedure above.

To review all devices that have been imported into N-central, leverage the License Usage Report. This can be viewed from the SO level by clicking Reports > Administrative > License Usage.