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Architectural overview

To manage your devices MSP N-central relies on software probes and agents. The probe, typically installed on an available Windows server, is responsible for your network equipment including routers, firewalls, switches and printers. Agents are small programs installed on customer devices such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux Redhat/CentOS computers.

In a domain based environment you download a Customer or Site specific software probe from MSP N-central, install it on a server in the customer’s environment, and then perform a discovery to identify and import your client’s IP-based devices. Once these devices are imported into MSP N-central, agent software can be automatically deployed out to the Windows and Mac based systems. You are also able to classify and import information from other discovered devices such as printers and other network hardware.

In a workgroup environment, you will be able to install a Customer or Site specific software probe, and manually install your software agents on each of your managed systems. As you install agents, the devices will automatically be imported into MSP N-central. A quick discovery with your probe will also find and import your network devices.

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