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Install a Windows agent using a URL link

Install a Windows agent if there is no domain or common admin account available across all devices, or there is no access to certain devices under management. By providing a link, the end user only needs to click the link to initiate the installation of the agent from the MSP N-central server.

This method requires interaction with your customers.

  1. At the Customer level, click Actions > Download Agent/Probe.
  2. On the Customer/Site Specific Software tab, right-click on the Download Windows Agent link and click Copy Link Address.
  3. The copied link will have the format https://website.com/dms/FileDownload?CustomerID=nnn&softwareID=nnn

  4. Send the copied link to the customer. The customer can click the link to begin the installation. You may wish to advise your customer to click Next to all prompts.

The agent software installs and communicates with the MSP N-central server. After installing an agent, MSP N-central discovers the device, MSP N-central will restart the backup Windows services to update database configuration.