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Discovering Backup Jobs on a Device

You can set up a job discovery task to scan a device and locate all of the backup jobs on the device. A job discovery task must be run on a device before you can monitor any of the following services on the device:

Before setting up a job discovery task, you must ensure the installation and set up of a Windows probe or Windows agent.

When installing a Windows probe to scan for Asigra or Xilocore backup sets, the probe must be configured to look for Asigra DLL files. During the installation of the probe, you will be provided with the option of adding a backup discovery job. The path that you define (which will direct the probe to the DLL files) will be saved to the Windows registry under the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\N-able Technologies\Asigra\ as the AsigraDLL value. If the probe cannot find the Asigra DLL files in this location after it has been installed, it will refer to the default path: %PROGRAMFILES%\N-able Technologies\Windows Software Probe\bin. If you do not define the path during the installation of the probe, a backup discovery can be made from the MSP N-central UI but the probe will use the default path and there will be no entry in the Windows registry. If the correct location is not identified, the job discovery task will not discover Asigra or Xilocore backup sets properly. Refer to Asigra or Xilocore technical documentation for more information on Asigra DLL files.

For the Backup Exec service, you must also ensure the installation and set up of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), version 2.8 or greater. The MDAC contains the ODBC driver manager and MS SQL ODBC driver, which is required to connect to the Backup Exec MS SQL database.

After a job discovery task is complete, you can specify which jobs on the device are to be monitored by the backup services.

To discover backup jobs on a device

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site-level.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Views > All Devices.

    You can filter the devices listed by selecting a Folder to View. To further narrow your search, select a Name or Network Address, specify a string (a partial or complete name or network address) and click Search.

  2. In the Name column, click the device for which you want to discover the backup jobs.
  3. The Edit Device screen appears and displays the Backup Exec options on the Properties tab only if the Backup Exec option was selected when the device was added.

  4. Select the Properties tab.
  5. The Properties tab appears and displays the job discovery task details.

  6. Select Monitor Backups in the Monitoring Options section.
  7. Select the type of backup to be monitored:
    • Backup Exec
    • XiloCore/Asigra
    • You can monitor multiple types of backup solutions simultaneously.

      You can click Discover to start a job discovery task based on the existing settings. If you have made any changes to the default settings, you must save your changes before this feature will be available.

  8. Configure the types of backup as follows:

    If you have selected Backup Exec, you will need to click Advanced Configuration to display all of the properties.

    Backup Exec


    User Name

    The name of the user required to access the database.

    User Name

    The name of the user required to access the APIs


    The password required to access the database.


    The password required to access the APIs

    Database Name

    The name of the database used to monitor the discovered jobs.


    The port number used to connect to the DS-Client APIs

    Database Instance

    The type of database.

  9. Click OK.

    The Devices screen appears.

    You can click Save to apply the settings and remain on the current screen.