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Device Details View

In MSP N-central, a device is Network device, such as a router; a Mobile device, such as a cellphone; or a Cloud Service device, such as an Office 365 resource.

In this view, you can view detailed device information and launch a remote control session.

Advanced Details

CPU Manufacturer and model of the processor currently in use by the device.
DISK Current amount of disk space available on the device.
MEMORY Current amount of memory available on the device.
OS VERSION Manufacturer and version of the operating system being used by the device.
CUSTOMER NAME Name of the Customer or Site to which the device is associated.
SYSTEM UPTIME Time (measured in days, hours and minutes) that has passed since the device was last re-started.
DEVICE CLASS MSP N-central device class that has been configured for the device.
IP ADDRESS IP address assigned to the device.
LOGGED IN USER User account that is currently signed in to the device.
FEATURES Type of MSP N-central license being used by the device.

Device Details Tabs

Tab Name Tab Description


Displays different elements with current information about the status of the device.


Allows you to control specific aspects of the managed device including Windows services, processes, the Windows Registry, and other features.


Allows you to manage:

  • services on the device
  • the device's associations to Rules, Scheduled Tasks, and Notifications
  • the association of Service Templates (groups of preconfigured services) to the device


Allows you to review and manage PSA tickets raised against the device.


Displays hardware and software information about the device. Lets you edit configurable asset details, such as the cost or location.


Lets you add notes to the device. Displays appended information on the current performance or state of a device. See Device Notes.


Lets you configure basic properties of the device, including:

  • local Agent settings
  • downtime and Maintenance Windows
  • Security Manager
  • Patch Management
  • Backup Management

Remote Control Settings

Lets you select the connection type and configure remote control settings.


Let you generate and view reports (if your administrator has enabled reports at the device level).