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Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows are programmed periods of time where Devices with Agents installed can be configured to automatically complete tasks for a number of MSP N-central features according to a defined schedule.

Maintenance windows allow you to:

  • Schedule Security Manager installations, updates, and upgrades on a per-device or per-Rule basis
  • Schedule when the re-starting of devices can occur on a per-product basis
  • Add Maintenance Windows through bulk tasks on a per-device basis, or through Rules

Configuring a Maintenance Window to Install Security Manager will immediately download the installation software. This will occur even if the installation itself is not scheduled to take place until some time in the future. The immediate download of the installation software may cause unexpected resource demands.

There are two types of maintenance windows:

  • Scheduled Maintenance windows determine when the device will initiate selected actions for specific features.
  • Scheduled Reboot windows determine when the device will re-start according to the configured schedule.

For Scheduled Reboot windows, re-starting the device will only be allowed to occur during the specified schedule.

Create a new Maintenance Window

  1. Navigate to Maintenance Windows.
  2. Select the type of maintenance window you wish to create.
  3. Complete the fields as required for the specified task in the Maintenance Window that displays.
  4. Complete the Schedule Configuration for the specified task in the Maintenance Window that displays.