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The Asset tab displays specific information about the managed device including:

Overview An asset summary that includes the make, model, serial number and other general information about the device.
Hardware Computer system information including processors, motherboard, video controllers, and other hardware elements of the device.
Operating System OS information including the name, type, version, installation date and other system data.
Applications Installed application information including the name, publisher, version, license information and related application data.
Shared Folders Shared resource information including the share name and the path.
Patches Software patch information about patches that are available for the device or are already installed.
Services A static display of Windows services on the device. These services can be managed directly in the Tools > Services tab.
Ports Connection port information about ports that have been configured on the device including the port number and associated service.
Hyper-V Guests Virtual computer information if the managed device is a Hyper-V server.
MSSQL Microsoft SQL database information for SQL servers including database instances, classes, and memory classes.
Configuration Asset configuration that allows you to configure specific information about the managed device. For more information, refer to Configuration below.