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Security Manager

Installing Security Manager software requires that an Agent must be installed on the device. You can select to automatically install an Agent with a Probe but if a probe cannot install an Agent, the Agent software can be downloaded and installed from the Agent.

The installation of AV Defender software on a device will require that it be re-started. Re-starting devices will follow any schedules or limitations configured in Scheduled Maintenance windows or Scheduled Reboot windows that are applied to the device. For more information, refer to Maintenance Windows.

Security Manager Properties

Property Description

Enable Security Manager

Select this option to install the Security Manager software on the device.

If there is no update server configured, a warning dialog box will display where you can choose to continue with or without an update server.

If you selected Configure Update Server, Configure an Update Server before proceeding.

Run Pre-Install Scan

Performs a security scan of the device before installing the Security Manager software.

Uninstall Password

Type the password that will allow you to remove AV Defender from the device.

Select AV Defender Configuration Profile

Select the AV Defender Profile to be applied to the device. You can Add a new Profile or View/Edit Profiles to ensure that the correct one is selected.

Start Installation

Select either Immediately or During Maintenance Window to determine when the software will be installed on the device.

Competitor AV Cleanup

Select the action that you want Security Manager to take with existing security software from one of the following:

  • No Removal
  • Standard Removal
  • Standard Removal and Registry/File Cleanup

Enable Debug Logging

Select this option to allow Security Manager to record security events (including software installation issues) to assist with troubleshooting.

Selecting Enable Debug Logging will increase the demand on system resources.

Update Server

Select the update server to which the device will connect to obtain signature updates. Select Best Available to have MSP N-central configure this setting based on the update server to which the device can most easily connect when attempting to download signature updates.


Latest version and status

A read-only display indicating the latest versions of AV Defender and the installation status.

The last version details remain if you disable or remove Security Manager from the device.

Update AV Defender Product Now

Select this option to immediately update AV Defender on the device.