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Moving Devices Wizard

The Moving Devices Wizard lets you move devices between customers and sites. For example, you may want to move a device when:

  • migrating devices that are in multiple MSP N-centralcustomers to a single customer
  • you create a site for testing patches and need to move devices in and out of those groups
  • a user moves their primary workspace from one office to another


  • Before you move a device, SolarWinds MSP recommends that you update both the local agent and probes to the latest version and verify that the target limits are configured to allow the devices being moved.
  • When you move a device, the device inherits the settings and targets in the Export Profile for that device:
    • Sets the status of the device to Active or Inactive.
    • Does not change the status of the device.

To run the Moving Devices Wizard

  1. At the SO, Customer or Site level, click ViewAll Devices.
  2. Select the check box for the devices you want to move.
  3. Click Move to run the wizard.