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Reset domain user account passwords

If a user forgets their password or has locked themselves out of their account, you can reset the password and unlock the user.

You can assign a temporary password and when the user logs in, they must create a new password before proceeding.

For the Domain User Management feature to function properly, agents must be installed on the domain controller for the target domains. A successful discover of the Active Directory server will automatically enable Domain User Management.

  1. Click Configuration > Domain User Management.
  2. In the Available Domains column, select a domain.
  3. Click the check box beside the user account.
  4. Click Reset Password.
  5. Type a new Password. Type the new password a second time to confirm the characters used.
  6. Select User must change password at next log on to force a password reset the next time that they sign in.
  7. Select Unlock account to disable the security lock and allow the user to log on.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Send a message to the user that the password has been reset and they need to set a new one during log in.

MSP N-central resets the password and unlocks the user. The next time the user attempts to log in, they will need to enter a new password.