> Get Started > Install MSP N-central as a guest on a Hyper-V server

Install MSP N-central as a guest on a Hyper-V server

In all of the network configuration screens, use TAB or ALT+TAB to move the cursor between selection options, the SPACEBAR to select an option, and F12 to proceed to the next screen without changing the current selections.

  1. Sign in to the Hyper-V server using an administrator account.
  2. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Hyper-V Manager.
  3. Create a new virtual machine using the New Virtual Machine Wizard.
  4. Select Generation 1.
  5. The installation will fail if you select Generation 2.

  6. After the New Virtual Machine Wizard has completed, click Action >Settings.
  7. In the Network drop-down menu, select a network that the virtual machine can connect to, and click OK.
  8. In the Actions pane, click Start under MSP N-central Server.
  9. In the Virtual Machine Connection window, type install, and press Enter.
  10. If you are not prompted for network information during the installation process, MSP N-central was unable to locate a suitable network card. The installation will continue to conclusion, however, you will not be able to access MSP N-central.

  11. Select Manual address configuration for the type of network configuration, and click OK, then Enter.
  12. SolarWinds MSP recommends that you use Manual address configuration whenever possible. Selecting Dynamic IP configuration (DHCP) may result in the MSP N-central server becoming unlicensed if it is re-started. If you do select Dynamic IP configuration (DHCP), skip to step 12 below - Hostname Configuration.)

  13. Enter the IP Address and Netmask, then click OK, then Enter.
  14. Enter the Gateway, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS addresses, then select OK and Enter.
  15. Select the hostname configuration from one of the following either automatically via DHCP or manually, then select OK and Enter.
  16. Ensure that the System clock uses UTC option has not been selected.
  17. If UTC is enabled, the MSP N-central server's time settings will intermittently vary by the difference between UTC and the configured time zone on the server. This will cause issues when in communicating with Windows agents.

  18. Select the time zone that is appropriate for your system then select OK and Enter.

The N-central installation will proceed after which the system will restart.