KBA10020: Installing the Dell Offline Bundle on ESX/ESXi Servers

Knowledge Base Article #: 10020
Applicable Versions: N-central 8.x, 9.x
Date Created/Updated: August 17, 2011


  1. From the Dell Support site (http://support.dell.com), select your Dell server.
  2. Select ESXi 4.1 (or the version of ESXi that you are running) as the operating system.
  3. Under Systems Management, download the OpenManage Offline Bundle and VIB for ESXi.
  4. Put the ESXi host into Maintenance Mode.
  5. Open the vSphere CLI and install the OpenManage Offline Bundle by typing the following commands:
    1. cd "Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin"
    2. vihostupdate.pl --server --install --bundle C:\users\creid\Downloads\OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-6.5.0-2247.VIB-ESX41i_A01.zip
    3. Type your ESXi username and password when prompted.

  6. Restart the ESXi server.
  7. Exit the Maintenance Mode.
  8. Start up any Guests that need to be running.