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Launch the MSP Connect Viewer

After you install the MSP Connect Viewer, you can launch it with a single click.

  • MSP Connect functionality is only available for N-central devices with upgraded 10.2 agents. For devices with older agents, the NTR Thick Client or browser plugin will continue to be used.
  • You can lock a device to use MSP Viewer each time you click the Start Remote Control icon. For more information, click here.
  1. In the N-central All Devices view, identify the device to which you want to connect remotely.
  2. Click the Start Remote Control icon and select MSP Connect. If MSP Connect is grayed out, the device is unavailable for remote control functionality; but you can choose another remote control option.

    If you receive an error stating that the URL is too old, your N-central server time is more than 15 minutes out of sync with UTC. Click here for a resolution to this problem.