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MSP Connect Services and Processes

MSP Connect includes a number of executables that run continuously or just for the duration of a single session. The table below describes these.

Executables (always running)
BASupSrvc.exe (Service) Allows remote sessions and maintains communication between MSP Connect, N-central, and the cloud infrastructure.
BASupSrvcUpdater.exe (Service) Watches and updates the BASupSrvc service.
BASupSrvcCnfg.exe (Normal process) Allows in-session chats between the technician and the local user. This process is loaded for each user logged on the machine. Multiple instances can exist at the same time. If this process is killed, in-session chatting will not be possible.
Executables (running only during the session)
BASupTSHelper.exe (Elevated process) Allows image capturing during the remote session.
BASupSrvcEvnt.dll Displays MSP Connect-related events registered on Windows and is visible through the Event Viewer. Note: This .dll will remain on the machine after uninstalling the N-central MSP Connect Agent. Otherwise, events will appear as unknown.