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Run Tasks in the MSP Connect Viewer Shell

As an alternative to the full remote desktop connection, the MSP Connect Viewer includes an emulated command line you can use to execute common tasks. The shell is useful during support sessions when the remote graphical environment is slow or unresponsive.

There are two shells. Both can run batch files or Windows Scripting Host (WSH) scripts:

  • The Standard Command Prompt uses the Windows Command Processor (cmd.exe).
  • The MSP Connect Viewer is compatible with any version of Windows Powershell.
  1. Launch the MSP Connect Viewer.
  2. Click the System Shell tab. By default, the Standard Command Prompt shell opens.

    To change the shell, click Shell TypeWindows Powershell. You cannot have both shells open at the same time and alternate between them.

  3. Type a command at the C:\Windows\system32> prompt and press Enter.
  4. Click End to start a new shell, break the pending operation without terminating the shell itself, or clear the screen.