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View Device Information in the MSP Connect Viewer

The MSP Connect Viewer System Info tab provides detailed information about the assisted remote device, including parameters related to hardware, drivers, Windows services, applications, system temperatures, Windows update policies, and more.

You can also export this content as a CSV file using the button in the upper-right area of the Viewer window.

  1. Launch the MSP Connect Viewer.
  2. Click the System Info tab.
  3. Click Audit to retrieve the latest auditing information.
  4. Click a parameter group under Options to view device information.
  5. Dashboard View key indicators for all devices, even those without active monitoring.
    Processes Displays graphics with the CPU and memory consumption.
    Network Physical and virtual machine adapters, including: MAC address, Machine DNS, Domain DNS, Address assigned by DHCP.
    Applications Installed programs, registered in the OS and sorted by manufacturer. When a security update is available, the program is marked (red) and a link is provided.
    Services System services, including name, status, mode and type. With administrative privileges, a MSP N-central technician can start, stop, and restart services.
    Drivers System registered drivers, including name, type, path, and status.
    Startup Displays system start up variables.
    Interactive User Displays the user locally operating the computer even when there are multiple users logged on the machine at the same time.
    Events Recent events from the Windows Application, Security, and System Event Log.
    System Health View advanced hardware information for applicable Windows systems, including: CPU temperatures, voltages bus frequency and multipliers, motherboard voltages, temps and fan speeds, GPU temperature and frequencies, HDD S.M.A.R.T. information, network throughput, etc.
    Windows Updates Installed, Pending (important), and Pending (optional) updates.

  6. In the viewer window, right-click an option to open a sub-menu where you can stop, sort, update, refresh, and end a process.