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What is MSP Connect?

MSP Connect is a new remote management tool that replaces Direct Connect for devices upgraded with N-central version 10.2 Agents.

Direct Connect will continue to be used for remote control support for devices that have not been upgraded (that is, 10.1 and earlier).

Improvements to Direct Connect:

  • Faster connection times
  • Remote control of Mac devices
  • Terminal services support
  • Session report included in audit trail
  • Detailed system information, including Windows event log (Professional nodes only)

How it works:

  • Detailed system information, including Windows event log (Professional nodes only).
  • The remote device is configured and set up automatically by the N-central agent.
  • A locally installed technician viewer is launched from N-central for fast connections.
  • Updates to the viewer and end devices are pushed automatically from the cloud with no reboots or configuration needed.
  • MSP Anywhere can optionally leverage peer-to-peer connections for better performance.
  • Detailed configuration for the connection is available through remote control defaults.

Professional devices will include many of MSP Anywhere's remote management tools including:

  • A system shell to perform commands without interrupting the user.
  • Robust system information including drivers, and installed applications for easy problem diagnosis.
  • The ability to view Windows system and application event logs within the system information section for easy problem diagnosis.
  • The ability to act on processes and services right from the system information section for quick resolution of common issues.

What do you want to do with MSP Connect?

Install the Viewer

Launch the Viewer

Uninstall the Viewer

View device information

Adjust performance settings

Chat with remote users

Transfer files

Record sessions

Restart and shutdown remote devices

Run a local batch script

Run tasks within the Viewer shell

View the log files on Windows and Mac platforms

View the Audit Trail