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Install MSP Backup using a rule

The MSP backup install rule provides any easy way to install MSP Backup on many devices. Using a rule, MSP N-central automates the installation of MSP Backup with no user intervention, ensuring all devices automatically have a backup solution installed.

For more information, see What is MSP Backup.

You need to create a filter that selects devices based on the criteria you have for deploying Backup Manager.

  1. Click Configuration > Monitoring > Rules and click Add.
  2. Enter a Name and Description.
  3. Click the Devices to Target tab and select the filters to add to the Selected Filters box.
  4. Click the Network Device Configuration Options tab.
  5. In the MSP Backup section select Enable MSP Backup from the Action drop-down list box.
  6. Select when to start the installation and select a backup profile from the drop-down list box.
  7. To configure the device to back up specific files, click Set Settings Manually.
  8. If creating this rule at the SO level, click the Grant Customers & Sites Access tab.
  9. Click and select how to propagate the rule to other customers and sites and select the customer/sites from the list.
  10. Click Save.

MSP N-central installs MSP Backup on the devices associated with this rule.

When new devices are added to the site, MSP N-central runs the deployment rule to install MSP Backup.