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Monitoring MSP backup using services

The MSP N-central monitoring services provide a summary of the MSP Backup data backup status on a device. The MSP N-central Backup Dashboard pages enables you to see the current state of the backup and other data transfer information. Monitoring the backup status enables you to be aware of any issues that a technician can resolve quickly, and ensure the customer's data is secure in a backup location. If a backup job fails, a technician is notified and provided with data to help resolve the issue.

MSP Backup monitoring services include MSP Backup Product Status and MSP Backup Status for latptops, Oracle, Exchange, VMWare, SQL, HyperV and MySQL.

To see the service information, click ViewsAll DevicesBackup Dashboard and click View Service Details for the corresponding widget that appears within the dashboard.

You can also use service templates to create groupings of MSP Backup monitoring for devices.