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What is MSP Backup

MSP Backup backup recovery cloud-based cloud system restore

MSP Backup is a hybrid cloud-based backup and recovery platform. MSP Backup operates seamlessly in the background, storing data in reliable, secure data centers away from your customer's devices. Restoration of data can be for a single file or an entire system.

MSP Backup integrated with MSP N-central is only available for Windows devices.

MSP Backup performs an initial full backup and then performs continual incremental backups. This greatly reduces network traffic to the cloud. Centralized deployment, management and reporting reduces implementation and management effort and provides status information directly to you.

MSP Backup provides an easy way to manage and control backups by:

  • managing the deployment of tens or hundreds of devices,
  • monitors backups to ensure they are working, and
  • tests backups to ensure they are stable.

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For additional information on the MSP Backup client, MaxBackup, see the MSP Backup documentation.