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Locate devices with failed connectivity

During an initial cleanup you may find many devices with Failed Connectivity. This means a ping from probe to device is reported as failed. These are commonly network-related devices such as routers and switches, ESX Hosts or Servers.

Create a filter to identify these devices and address the various issues that might cause a Connectivity failure.

  1. At the Service Organization level, click Configuration > Filters, and click Add.
  2. Enter a filter name of "Devices with Failed Connectivity" and add a Description.
  3. Create the filter using the Advanced Mode drop-down menus as:
    • Monitoring > MSP N-central service in status > Connectivity > EQUAL TO > Failed.
  4. Click Save.

MSP N-central saves the filter. Use this filter to find devices with failed connectivity. Go to ViewAll Devices and select the filter created to display any devices with failed connectivity.

  • From the Service Organization level (orange), go to the All Devices view.
  • In the Filter drop-down menu, select the filter you created to display devices with failed connectivity.
  • Reasons for failed connectivity

    There are two main reasons why connectivity of a device to MSP N-central can occur.

    The probe has been deleted

    A probe has been deleted unexpectedly and the connectivity service defaulted to the closest available monitoring device, the N-central server. Since this cannot reach the device sitting inside a client’s network, a connectivity failure is reported.

    To resolve this, ensure there is an active probe in this environment, and edit the Connectivity service’s details to change it from the Central Server to the local MSP N-central probe.

    1. Click the device name and click Monitoring.
    2. Click Connectivity in the Services list.
    3. Select Service Details and select the local MSP N-central probe from the Monitored By drop-down list box.
    4. Click Save.

    To avoid this issue in future, remember to transfer tasks from one probe to a new one before deleting it from MSP N-central. This is located at the Customer level by clicking Administration > Probes. Click Transfer Tasks and select the probe to transfer tasks from, and the probe where tasks are to be transferred.

    The device is unreachable

    The device has gone offline or become otherwise unreachable. Check the Network Address on the device's Settings > Properties tab to ensure it is communicating with the appropriate IP or FQDN.

    Also check the network routing in your environment. Is ping somehow restricted? Are you pinging from the correct probe?

    Check the Probe/Agent column on the device's Monitoring > Status tab to ensure this is the case. Then go to Connectivity > Services Details, and update the connectivity details if needed. Try to ping the device from the server the probe resides on to test the routing in the environment. Ensure DNS scavenging is enabled in the environment. For more information, see Configure DNS scavenging on the Windows server.