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Configure recurring discovery jobs

You can set up recurring discoveries to find new devices added to the customer's network environment. MSP N-central can scan the network on a regular basis to find all new devices, and selectively import them. This way as new devices are added, they can be included in the monitoring of the network.

  1. At the Customer Level click Actions > Run a Discovery.
  2. Enter a name and description for the job.
  3. Click the Auto Import tab and select the device classes to import when discovered.
  4. Click the Schedule tab.
  5. In the Type drop-down list box, select Recurring and set time frame of the reoccurring schedule.
  6. Click Finish.

MSP N-central automatically searches for devices at the scheduled time.

After the recurring discovery runs, check to see if any new devices need to be imported. This enables you to add the new devices and ignore the devices not meant to be managed such as phones, tablets or other network devices.

  1. Click Configuration > Discovery Job, and click the appropriate click the <nnn> of <mmm> Unmanaged button to view the list of assets.
  2. Import devices that are to be managed, by checking each device's check box, and clicking Import.
  3. Ignore devices by checking each device's check box, and clicking Ignore.

Check this page regularly to see if any new assets are to be added. Ensure that Show Ignored Devices is unchecked to only show new devices.

This deployment process is completed once devices have been added in and have received their agents.