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Create an Automation Manager policy-based custom monitoring service

Automation Manager policies (AMPs) have global output parameters you can use to create custom monitoring services. An AMP is a collection of Powershell-based Automation Objects combined into policy scripts. Use a custom service to monitor the AMP activities to monitor its effectiveness.

Automation Manager is a drag-and-drop automation designer, which enables you to quickly create, debug, manage and run policies without any programming knowledge. For more information on using the pre-defined AMPs and creating your own, see the Automation Manager help topics.

Amp-based monitoring is only available for professional licensed Windows devices.

  1. Click Administration > Service ManagementCustom Services.
  2. Click Add > Service > Automation Manager Policy.
  3. Enter a Name and a Description .
  4. On the Details tab, select a policy and configure the settings. Only AMPs that are suitable for monitoring appear in the list.
  5. Enter a Service Identifiername to identify the AMP service instance.
  6. Always enter a unique name so that you know what the service is from the status tab of a device. This is important for multiple instances of the AMP.

  7. Click the Schedule tab and set the scan frequency.
  8. Click Save.

The new service appears in the Custom Services list. You can now add this service to a template or to any Windows server or workstation. For information on applying the custom service, see Apply custom monitoring services.