> Monitor > Apply a service template to a newly discovered device

Apply a service template to a newly discovered device

Begin receiving monitoring data from a new device immediately after discovery. There can be a short delay between when MSP N-central discovers a device and when the services from an service template are added to the device. When an agent is first installed on a device, the services designated by any service templates that apply will not be added to the device immediately. The MSP N-central server applies services after it first receives complete services-related asset data from the agent. You may want the data sooner.

  1. Click Views > All Devices and click the name of the discovered device.
  2. Click o Settings > Monitoring Options, and verify that SNMP is enabled.
  3. Click Monitoring > Service Templates.
  4. Select the template and click Re-Apply Service Templates.
  5. Other templates for other servers may be applied. Do not delete any of these templates. They are applied automatically from the Servers – Windows Rule. They do not apply anything as they rely on Asset Info. The only one that needs to be manually applied is the HP Servers Template.

  6. Click the Status tab to verify the service were added to the device.
  7. Click Save.

MSP N-central will begin receiving data from the new device.