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Create a WMI-based custom monitoring service

If you need to access performance or asset information not retrieved by an existing MSP N-central monitoring service, create a WMI-based custom service. With a custom service you can tailor it to the specific information you need to know.

Creating WMI-based services requires knowledge of the WMI protocol. Refer to the Microsoft Developers' Network online library documentation about WMI for further information.

The following gives a very simple example which checks that the Browser service is started and retrieves information about it.

  1. Click Administration > Service Management > Custom Services.
  2. Click Add > Service > WMI (Window Workstations and Windows Servers).
  3. Enter a Name and Description.
  4. Click the Queries tab, and click Add.
  5. Complete the information, using the blue plus button to add Select and Where properties. Double-click the elements to change their values.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Data and Thresholds tab, click Add Metric and configure how MSP N-central handles the information.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click on Configure Thresholds for the metric in the Action column.
  10. Enter the ranges that define Normal, Warning and Failed states for this metric.
  11. Click Save then Save again.

The new service appears in the Custom Services list. You can now add this service to a template or to any Windows server or workstation. For information on applying the custom service, see Apply custom monitoring services.