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Add a Service Grouping

A service group is a composite of two or more services that you apply to a device. Add a service group to monitor the combined status of all services within the grouping.

When configuring a service grouping, specify a formula using the logical operators AND or OR to relate the services. For example, Service A OR Service B. You can use brackets to group services together within the service grouping. For example, (Service A OR Service B) AND Service C.

If you want to be informed of any services in a service grouping that are in a Failed or Warning state, use OR to set up your formulas. A Warning status resulting from a formula using OR is a good indicator that there is a threat to the service in the future. For more information, see Service Grouping Statuses.

If any of the grouped services have been applied to a device, you need to remove them if the maximum number of allowed instances of that service on a single device is one.

You cannot mix monitoring appliances in service groupings. If you choose one probe monitored service, all selected services must be probe monitored.

  1. Click ConfigurationMonitoringService Groupings and click Add.
  2. Enter a Name and Description.
  3. Select the Dashboards where the service grouping will appear.
  4. Specify the Cost to associate to the service grouping.
  5. Specify the SLA for the service grouping.
  6. In the Services field, click the services and operators to build the relationships in the Logical State field.
  7. Click Save.

The service grouping is added to the specified dashboards for viewing.

Before a service grouping can monitor the status of a device, you must add it to a device.