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Service Groupings

A service group is a composite of two or more services that you apply to a device. Create a dashboard and place service groupings on it to monitor the combined status of all the services within the service grouping as a single unit.

The association of services to a service grouping is displayed on the Active Issues view in the Service Group column. If no text is displayed in the Service Group column, the service has no association to a service grouping. If a service is associated with a service grouping, the name of the service grouping will be displayed in the Service Group column. For more information, see Active Issues View.

If any of the grouped services have been applied to a device, you need to remove them if the maximum number of allowed instances of that service on a single device is one.

MSP N-central includes a pre-defined service grouping - Web Site Availability - which appears in the Network Availability dashboard.

If you are a Product Administrator, you can delete this pre-defined service grouping or edit its configuration.

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