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Add a Link

When adding a link to the My Links menu, Internet Explorer may experience issues if the link uses a different protocol than the MSP N-central server. For example, if the link uses HTTP and the MSP N-central server is using HTTPS, the link may be blocked. To resolve this issue, make the MSP N-central server a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

  1. In the navigation pane, click My Links > Manage My Links.
  2. Click Add in the My Links screen.
  3. In the Add Link screen, type a link Name.
  4. Type the URL to associate to the link.

    MSP N-central does not validate the specified URL. Ensure the URL is valid.

  5. Select the Type of link to add from one of the following:
    • Public: The link can be viewed by all accounts.
    • Private: The link can only be viewed by you.
  6. Select the Open in property and click Save.