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Notifications and Windows event log monitoring

N-central's default notification profiles include Windows Event Log notification in the 0 Minute Delay profile. However, if you've modified this notification profile (or if you started using N-central prior to version 7.0), you may not have notification on Windows Event Log set up. If so, you can configure this in your notification scheme in order to receive notifications for your Windows Event Log services.

From the SO level, go to Configuration > Monitoring > Notifications.

Click Add Notification.

For Name, type "Windows Event Log".

Select Single Device, Single Service Notifications.

For Delay select 0 Minutes.

Windows Event Log notifications cannot have a delay.

Select the appropriate Recipients.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and Continue.

On the Trigger Details tab, click Add.

For Trigger Name, type "Windows Event Log".

Ensure Notify on Return to Normal is unchecked.

For State, select Failed.

Under Services, move Windows Event Log to the Selected Items box.

Under Rules, move the appropriate N-central Rule(s) that is applicable to the device(s) for which you have set up Windows Event Log Monitoring.

Click Save.