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Detailed Status Report

The Detailed Status report displays the state transitions of a service for a specified period.

After you generate a report, you can export it by downloading it to your desktop or by e-mailing it as a comma separate values (CSV) file.

Key Graph Values



The date and time at which the state changes


Current status

Elapsed Time

The length of time for which the service has been in the current state

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site-level.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Reports >  Availability > Detailed Status.
  2. Select the time Period for which you would like to collect data for the report.
  3. Select the Start Date and Time from which to start collecting data for the report.
  4. Select the Device for which you would like to generate the report.

    The Service lists the services that have been set on the specified device.

  5. Select the Service for which you would like to generate the report.
  6. Click View Report.

    The Detailed Status report appears.

You can e-mail or export the report as a comma-separated values (CSV) or PDF file.