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License Usage Report

The License Usage report allows you to review a list of device and feature licenses within your organization.

The License Usage report allows you to review a list of device and feature licenses for each of your customers.

The report displays license allocation at the time that the report is generated in both graphical and tabular format.

Licenses will be used for a minimum period of 15 days. If a device’s license usage is modified, the original license usage will continue to be in effect until the 15-day minimum period has ended.

The following licenses allocation will be reported:

  • Essential Mode
  • Professional Mode
  • Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Patch Management on Essentials
  • Direct Support on Essentials
  • Third Party Patch Management (Professional and Essentials)
  • AV Defender
  • Scheduled Tasks on Essentials
  • Backup Manager Standard Server
  • Backup Manager Advanced Server
  • Backup Manager SBS Server
  • Backup Manager Workstation (Laptop/Desktop)

The report will also identify the maximum number of each type of license that is currently allowed, the total number of licenses used, and the percentage of licenses used.

The values displayed in the Total Used column includes devices that have disabled Professional Mode, or Security Manager but have also been using the license for fewer than 15 days.

The Details table will display individual devices and the license usage that applies to each device. The date values shown in the license columns indicate the start date of the 15-day minimum license assignment period.

This procedure can only be performed at the SO or Customer-level.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Reports > Administrative > License Usage.

You can e-mail or export the report as a comma-separated values (CSV) or PDF file.