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Service Metrics Report

The Service Metrics report displays the status of a service on one or more devices for a specified period according to the scan details of the service. If more than one instance of a service is added on a device, the report displays values for all of the instances.

The unit values displayed in the report are scaled up to the next super unit if there are four or more values before the decimal. For example, if the unit value for free disk space is 17,000,000.0 KB then the report scales up this value to 17.0GB.

This procedure can only be done at the Customer or Site-level.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Reports > Metrics > Service Metrics.
  2. Select a time Period and the Start Date and Time.
  3. Select a Service and Devices.
  4. Select the Scan Details, including the Overlay Thresholds (to display threshold lines on the report graphs) and Multiple Graphs (to display a separate graph for each device).
  5. Click View Report to view the report immediately. You can also export the report as a PDF or CSV file or email the report to another user.