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Patch approval definitions

You can approve and decline patches by patch type through rules associated to devices. Approvals ensure that the patches a device is looking for or wants to download is legitimate and will not cause any issues or conflicts with the device or within the network environment. If there is no approval applied to a patch, MSP N-central will not deploy to a device.

When conflicting patch approval statuses are applied to a device from either a Rule or a device level approval, precedence is given according to strict approval hierarchies.

The table below describes each approval type. For more information see Approving and declining patches manually.

Not Approved and No Approval are not the same thing. No Approval is the default state associated to all Rules. It means no decision has been made. This is the state that you want to leave every Rule that you do not intend to make a decision for.

Approval Type Description
Approved for Install

The patch will be installed. It will not appear as a missing patch.

Note that patches such as drivers may require user input to complete the installation.

Approved for Removal

The patch will be removed if the removal option is available. To determine if the patch is removable, in the Approve/Decline Patches page, click on the patch name and look for Removable.

This status implies a best effort for MSP N-central to remove the patch.

Removing a third party patch will result in the entire removal of the third party application.

If you remove the patch, it will be flagged as missing.


MSP N-central does not install the patch, and does not flag it as missing.

The patch is still available for installation through MSP N-central, but will not be visible to the device when checking against Windows Update.

Not Approved

MSP N-central does not install the patch on a device, and flags it as missing. It will be visible to the device from Windows Update.

You may want to save it for a future time. This means that the update remains in the default list of available updates and will report client compliance, but will not be installed on clients.

No Approval

MSP N-central takes no action with the patch, does not install it on a device, and flags it as missing.

No value is stored in the MSP N-central database for this type of approval, and the Agent receives no value for this approval.