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Run a patch approval rule now

Run Rule Now executes a selected automatic patch approval against all existing patches that are waiting to be installed, and patches that will be approved according to the Rule. This includes previously configured Declined states and Device level approvals.

When you create Automatic Approval Rules, new patches are applied immediately according to your specifications, and existing patches that have been waiting for approval are applied to existing patches.

  1. Click ConfigurationPatch Management.
  2. In the Patch Approval area, click Automatic Approval.
  3. Select an approval rule from the list and click Run Rule Now.

MSP N-central runs the approval rule and triggers the patch installation.

If you use Run Rule Now, it applies all patches. This means if you declined a patch, it will be switched to whatever the auto approval asked for, unless you left that section as No Approval. This means some patches set as "Declined" may now switch to "Approved for Install" if your auto approval rule was set this way. The device level declines will not change.