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Approving patches automatically with rules

Automatic patch approvals ensure that typical system patches or system critical patches are downloaded and installed without waiting for review. Automatic approvals ensure that timely system and security critical patches are immediately approved when they become available, ensuring the customer's devices are safe and up-to-date.

You configure patch approvals once you have configured a patch profile and applied it to a device using a rule.

There may be patches that you and your customers always want to schedule for download and installation once they have been detected. For example, one customer may be confident that all Microsoft patches except device drivers and tools can be installed automatically on their laptops and workstations, rather than waiting for you to verify and approve them manually. Another customer may be more cautious and may want only Microsoft Critical patches and Security Update patches installed automatically, preferring to wait for other patches to be manually approved.

For information on the different types of Microsoft patches, see Microsoft patch classifications.

If a patch is re-issued by Microsoft, Patch Manager remembers the existing approval status of patches to ensure that the approval you defined remains and you do not have to re-select and reset the approvals.

Typically when you are first starting with Patch Management, you need to set up three rules; one for Laptops, one for Workstations and one for Servers.

After adding automatic approval for patches to rules, patching can take place without further input from you, or waiting for your review. For information on the approval types definitions, see Approval Definitions.

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