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Monitoring patches

The Patch Status service provides a summary of the patch updates on a device. The MSP N-central patch status page enables you to see the current state of updates for a device to see what patches are installed, scheduled or that have failed.

The service is automatically added when MSP N-central installs the Windows Agent on the device. The Patch Status service queries the Windows Update Agent (WUA) on the device to determine the Microsoft and third-party application patches that are missing to create the report.

To view the patch status, select a device and click MonitoringStatus and click Patch Status. Use the tabs to view the information on approved and not approved patches for the device.

When Patch Manager is disabled, the Patch Status service considers everything Microsoft provides as needed as a missing patch. When Patch Manager is enabled, the Patch Status service considers the missing patches are only the patches that have been approved.

For devices with windows 10 installed, the number of updates shown in MSP N-central may not match the list in Windows Update. Windows 10 does not show all available updates, only the updates that are applicable to most windows 10 computers. This means that if there are updates that are specific to a devices, such as driver updates, the Windows Update screen will not list them.

When MSP N-central pulls the list of needed patches, it displays the full list of patches regardless if they are specific to the device or not.

You can also view the Patch Status on the device overview page in the Patch Summary widget.

For more information on the patch service, see Patch Status Service.