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Patch management profiles

A patch profile is a collection of patch management configuration options that determine how a device interacts with Patch Manager and the Windows update server. With a profile, you can apply similar settings across devices and even across multiple customers or sites. Within a patch profile, you define:

  • patching activity with pop-up messages,
  • fail over and timeout options when connecting to Windows Update,
  • installing missed patches on the next start up, and
  • who has access to administer Windows Update.

You should create a minimum of two patch profiles: one for devices allowed to communicate externally (laptops and workstations) and one for devices not allowed to communicate externally (servers and possibly workstations).

Once created, you can use the patch profile when creating a patch rule with the with the Patch Setup Wizard.

Configure the default Patch Management Profile at the Service Organization level so that it can be replicated across multiple customers.

Create a patch management profile

  1. In the navigation pane, click Configuration > Patch Management.
  2. In the Patch Profiles window, click Manage Patch Profiles and click Add.
  3. Complete the profile options.
  4. Enable the Wake Devices from Sleep option to ensure that devices that are in sleep or hibernation mode can receive scheduled updates.

  5. Click Save.

The new profile will be available to apply to a device and when creating a patch rule.

For Windows Update Access, select Restricted access if you are using a typical weekly patch schedule. It will briefly open access to Windows Update for Administrators and Applications while MSP N-central performs patch related tasks such as installs, new patch detections and daily asset scans. Access will last between five minutes and an hour or more depending on the activity being performed.

SolarWinds MSP recommends that you schedule patch activity outside of customer core hours as much as possible to avoid this situation.