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The Hardware Inventory report

The Hardware Inventory report provides a list of all or filtered devices for a customer, showing a selection of asset details.

It is useful as a tool to easily and accurately track hardware assets in the customer's network. You can use it to demonstrate any hardware improvements that need to be made.

To access this report

  1. Click Reports > Report Manager > Managed Assets > Hardware Inventory report.
  2. Select the customer.
  3. Check the Filter checkbox if you want to filter the devices listed, and select the device classes, devices or rules to created the list of hardware you want inventoried.
  4. Select the Asset Details to be listed. Hold down the <CTRL> key when clicking on the asset detail names to select multiple items.
  5. Select the format for the report and click Schedule or Generate.
  6. Select the format in which you want this report generated.
  7. Click Generate Report.

If you want to schedule a report from Report Manager, see Report Manager.

For further details on using the configuration settings, see the Report Manager online help.