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Enhancing N-central with Report Manager gives you branded, professional, standardized reporting that provides your customers with the crucial IT insights they need. With over 50 pre-built, custom-branded stock reports to automate data extraction, these reports drive the strategic-level IT discussions with your clients that confirm your role as trusted adviser, and help them make better, more informed IT performance and investment decision.

Report Manager provides reporting on the following critical areas: the business impact of managed services, long-term IT infrastructure performance, asset management, and regulatory compliance auditing.

Report Manager also enables you to brand the reports produced; this can be done at the Service Organization level or for individual company. See Branding in the Report Manager online help for complete information.

The following topics briefly run through some of the reports most used by N-central partners:

Nearly all reports can be configured in multiple ways, and each configurable option on the screen has a help button next to it giving a brief explanation of the field. By trying out the various combinations of options you will find which result in the most useful reports for you and your customers.

Report Manager reports are scheduled differently from other reports. For information, see Scheduling reports using the Report Manager.