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Scheduling reports using the Report Manager

Scheduling reports using the Report Manager is similar to scheduling other N-central reports, but the report is scheduled after you have set up the report.

To schedule a Report Manager report:

Got to Reports > Report Manager and select the report to create.

Configure the report and test by clicking Generate Report.

Click on Schedule Report.

Edit the schedule and Owner name is necessary for the scheduled report.

Select the Export Format and click Next. The formats available depend upon the type of report.

Select Email or File Share, depending on how you want this report distributed, and complete the appropriate fields:

  • For Email, you can enter any valid email addresses separated by semicolons or spaces. A Reply To email address is required.
  • For File Share, all displayed fields are required.

Click Next.

Select whether you want to schedule the report to run daily, weekly or monthly:

  • If Daily, select On The Following Data, and select the day(s) on which you want it run; or select Repeat After This Number Of Days, and the number of days between each run.
  • If Weekly, select the number of weeks between each run, and the day of the week it is to be run.
  • If Monthly, select the month(s) , then either the week and day(s) or the calendar days it is to be run.

For all schedules, enter the time for the report to be run.

Enter the start date for the schedule, and if required an end dates.

Click Next and review the summary. You can preview the report and edit the parameters from this page if required.

Click Finish.

Scheduled reports

When created, the report schedules can be found in Reports > Report Manager > Scheduled Reports. Here you can:

  • Rerun reports
  • Rebuild reports
  • Edit a reports parameters
  • Edit a report scheduling and distribution settings
  • Delete a report