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Add a scripting task

Add a scripting task, that MSP N-central runs at a scheduled time. You can select a script from the MSP N-central repository or upload a script from your local system. Scripts can be one of:

  • batch file (.bat)
  • PowerShell (.ps1)
  • Visual Basic (.vbs, .vb, or .vbe)
  • AppleScript
  • BASH

Script file names must not contain spaces. PowerShell must be installed on the target devices before PowerShell scripts can be run.

This procedure can only be performed at the SO or Customer-level.

  1. Click ConfigurationScheduled TasksProfiles.
  2. Enter a name and description for the task.
  3. Click Add.
  4. On the Add drop-down list box, click Scripting .
  5. Enter a Task Name.
  6. Select the Credentials to be used to run the script and complete the location information based on the selection.
  7. Click the Task Handler tab and select whether the agent or probe handles the script.
  8. Click the Schedule tab and configure when the script will run.
  9. Recurring tasks will not have the option to configure an Execution Window. If a device is offline at a scheduled date and time, recurring tasks will be run at the next scheduled date and time in their schedule.

  10. Click the Notifications tab to have MSP N-central send a message on completion or failure of the script.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Click the Associations tab to apply the script to specific devices.
  13. Click Save.

The script is added to the scheduled task list for execution at the configured time.

Once the task has been initiated, you cannot edit the task. Edits will be applied to completed tasks only if they are recurring tasks.