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Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks let you perform different functions on devices including:

  • Automation Policy - tasks that perform Automation Manager policy scripts on selected devices.
  • Security Manager Scan - tasks that perform security scans on selected devices.
  • File Transfer - tasks that distribute files to designated locations.
  • Intel® vPro™ Bulk Device Power Control - tasks that control the powering down, powering up, or restarting of Intel® vPro™-enabled devices.
  • Intel® vPro™ System Defence - tasks that manage filters for analyzing and detecting threats within network traffic.
  • Last Recovery Point Export - tasks that export the most recent Backup Manager Recovery Point to designated locations.
  • Push Third Party Software - tasks that distribute software to Windows devices.
  • Run a Backup - tasks that perform disk-to-disk backups on selected devices.
  • Scripting - tasks that execute scripts on Windows or Apple Macintosh devices.

Scheduled Tasks may be run across multiple customers or sites and take full advantage of Filters to make choosing target devices easier.

If the MSP N-central server is in different a time zone than the devices that it is managing, scheduled tasks run according to the time zone of the target devices.

A Scheduled Task Profile will stop running if the probe associated with the profile is moved (for example, after moving a device). To continue running the profile:

  • Install another probe in the environment
  • Modify the rule that the scheduled task profile is associated with to reengage the probe. This can be as simple as renaming the rule.

After a Scheduled Task is set up, the task, its type, and its status are displayed in the Scheduled Tasks screen.

Pending Indicates that the request to complete the task is to be sent.
In Progress Indicates that the request to complete the task has been sent.
In Progress with Errors Indicates that the request to complete the task has been sent and that some problems have already been encountered.
Scheduled Indicates that the task is recurring with future instances of the task yet to be completed.
Completed Indicates that the task has been successfully carried out.
Completed with Errors Indicates that the task has been carried out but that some problems were encountered.
Failed Indicates that the task could not be completed.

Scheduled Task Error Codes

If a Scheduled Task fails, an error code will be inserted into one of the following log files (in the C:\Program Files\N-able Technologies\Windows Agent\log folder):

  • RemoteExecutionModule.log,
  • RemoteControl.log, or
  • agent.log
Error Code Details
AG_ERR_REMO_001 Invalid Remote Execution Type.
AG_ERR_REMO_002 Cannot find corresponding class to execute module
AG_ERR_REMO_003 Cannot find corresponding class to cleanup module
AG_ERR_REMO_004 Access Denied: No supplied username or password, cannot execute remote WMI query.
AG_ERR_REMO_005 Invalid UninstallVnc Type
AG_ERR_REMO_006 Invalid Remote Control Type
AG_ERR_REMO_007 Invalid address/netmask filters
AG_ERR_REMO_008 Failed to decipher circuit breaker action
AG_ERR_REMO_009 Null or empty Parameter:
AG_ERR_REMO_010 Unable to retrieve parameter:
AG_ERR_REMO_011 Invalid integer data in parameter :
AG_ERR_REMO_012 Parameter is out of range:
AG_ERR_REMO_013 Failed to enable policy. Policy and filters will be removed
AG_ERR_REMO_014 Monitored Device returned status=
AG_ERR_REMO_015 Failed to create policy, monitored device returned status code=
AG_ERR_REMO_016 Deleting policy:
AG_ERR_REMO_017 Delete policy status =
AG_ERR_REMO_018 Failed to retrieve Policy for deletion, the monitored device returned
AG_ERR_REMO_019 Failed to find an active N-able Policy on monitored device. Policy does not exist
AG_ERR_REMO_020 There are no active policies on the remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_021 Failed to add TX Filter for probe, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_022 Failed to add RX Filter for packets to probe, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_023 Failed to add TX Filter for packets on IP range, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_024 Failed to add RX Filter for IP range, monitored device returned:
AG_ERR_REMO_025 Probe IP not specified
AG_ERR_REMO_026 Intel AMT PowerControl error:
AG_ERR_REMO_030 Invalid protocol:
AG_ERR_REMO_031 Timeout (Unknown Results).
AG_ERR_REMO_032 Execution launch failed on remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_033 Successful execution on remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_034 Exception when remotely accessing the following directory:
AG_ERR_REMO_035 Successfully transferred file to remote device
AG_ERR_REMO_036 Invalid Target IP List
AG_ERR_REMO_037 Invalid Remote Execution Item ID
AG_ERR_REMO_038 Ssh tunnel was not started properly
AG_ERR_REMO_039 IDE redirection failed
AG_ERR_REMO_040 In progress
AG_ERR_REMO_041 Timed out
AG_ERR_REMO_042 The file already exists on the remote device and overwrite option was not selected to replace the file.
AG_ERR_REMO_043 Failed execution on remote device. Return Code:
AG_ERR_REMO_044 Process returned null.
AG_ERR_REMO_045 The required server is not running:
AG_ERR_REMO_046 Unsupported RemoteExecutionType: