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Building a Custom Intel® vPro™ Power Control Script

You can leverage N-central's integration with Intel® Active Management (AMT) Technology to power on a device, run a custom script and then power the device down.

MSP N-central supports Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) 4.0.

N-central allows you to run either a VBScript (.vbs) or batch file (.BAT) and uses AMTPowerManager.exe allows you to power on, power off, or reboot devices. The key components to build your own custom script are provided below. These include a sample Intel® vPro™ Power Control script, command line parameters, return codes that may be generated by the script, and important tips on running the script.

Use this script as a starting point to create your own scripts.

After you build your own Intel® vPro™ Power Control script and upload it to the repository, your customers can use it in the creation of management tasks. For more information about Scheduled Tasks, please refer to the online help at the customer level in MSP N-central.

For information about uploading a script, please refer to Script/Software Repository Items.